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D. [userpic]
Have I told you you guys are *awesome*?
by D. (clandestine13)
at April 5th, 2010 (11:28 pm)

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Heeeey, you guys. I'm pretty sure this isn't against the community rules, so here goes.

I've been scouring the dark corners of the Internet for a certain pairing, and so far, have come up with zilch. I know it's probably because it's a really weird pairing, but I get the feeling that I simply can't be the first person that's thought about it. Anyways, the pairing is Tony Stark/Iron Man and Jill Valentine. Personally, I'd prefer them having sex or fighting supervillain zombies, but at this point I'm desperate enough to take what I can get.
So, anyone ever read any? Heard of any? Thought about writing any? Because you'll have, like, my eternal gratitude if you can find some. I would write it myself, but my creativity tank has been running on empty for the last few months. ):